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Texas Green Network is Sponsored by:

SEED Coalition

Karen Hadden, Executive Director

1303 San Antonio, #100
Austin, TX 78701

SEED Coalition advocates for efficiency and clean energy.  we collaborate with business and community leaders, educating citizens regarding pollution impacts, how to prevent health risks and how to take action to get effective programs for clean energy in place.  SEED Coalition had a leading role in defeating 19 proposed coal plants in Texas and is now legally opposing four proposed nuclear reactors.  Executive Director Karen Hadden is a co-founder of Solar Austin.

Our shared offices have been retrofitted to  become more efficient and we subscribed to Austin Energy’s Green Choice program.  We work to minimize waste, recycle as much as possible and use green products such as recycled paper.

SEED Coalition’s award-winning advocacy has been recognized by the Lone Star Sierra Club, League of Women Voters of Texas and San Antonio’s SAAPAC organization.