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Solar Power Now Cheaper Than Nuclear

7/27/10—A new Duke University study has pinpointed 2010 as the point when solar energy has become cheaper than nuclear energy. Though the cost of photovoltaic cells (PV) have been dropping for years, the myth remains that solar is too expensive. Hopefully for not much longer.

The study compared electricity from new solar installations to proposed nuclear plants. The kicker is, nuclear plants historically go waaaaayyyyy over budget. So the crossover is likely even more dramatic. Not to mention, the comparison was done in North Carolina, which has a nice climate, but not nearly as much sun as many other states (such as, say, Texas) where solar would be even cheaper.

On top of all that is the reality that solar energy is becoming cheaper while nuclear continues to become more expensive. Actually, on top of all that, solar energy doesn’t have a seriously deadly by-product that no one—not even hardcore nuclear proponents—knows what to do with.

Find the study: Solar and Nuclear Costs—The Historic Crossover.