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Slow Money Austin Showcase, April 21 / 12:30-5pm / $38

Slow Money Austin Showcase
April 21 / 12:30-5pm / $38
City Hall Council Chambers 
Slow Money Austin brings a conversation about financing our regional food system to the front steps of City Hall with an educational conference featuring leaders of this emerging industry. Local, organic food is cherished for its healthy, environmental, and delicious benefits. Beyond the obvious, the benefits of local food production can directly power local and regional economies—if properly cultivated. 

Calling for a new form of venture capital, the Slow Money Austin Showcase promises to redefine the value and worth of a healthy local food system, and to examine the role risk capital can play in fueling growth of such a vital market. The event will feature industry, civic, and government leaders promoting sustainable economic growth. They will collaborate with food producers, entrepreneurs, and emerging food enterprises, as well as investors and passionate consumers.

A companion event, the Slow Money Austin Showcase Dinner, will be held the following evening with food from Dai Due Supper Club at Barr Mansion. This special dinner program will combine a delectable exploration of the diverse, sustainably grown riches Central Texas has to offer with a continued conversation about funding growth in our regional food system. The award-winning Dai Due Supper Club will provide a delectable feast with special pairings. The dinner portion is an extra $90 at registration.

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