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Seeking New Austin Chapter President

The Texas Green Network, the first green business Chamber of Commerce in Texas, is seeking an Austin Chapter President.  We have been around for 3 ½ years and need leaders to continue building our most active chapter. 

Here are a few of the things we are looking for:
• A leader who is passionate about the environment and wants to put some of their time into that passion
• Someone with a strong interest in their contacts in the local environmental and/or business community who seeks to cultivate and expand those positive community relationships
• Has a creative approach and is interested in building new ideas on the ones that are already working.
• A good organizer that sees beyond their own efforts and can engage multiple volunteers to help the network grow.  Must be able good at deligating!
• Someone whose core business would be complemented by their participation and leadership in the Texas Green Network but who understands the need for balance to be successful in their roles.

Here is some background information on TGN.

Our 2 main objectives are:
1. To support and develop the sustainable business economy
2. To accelerate the adoption of sustainable business practices in the Texas business community as a whole

We feel that these two objectives go hand in hand.

The cornerstone of our organization is our networking events.  Our events are known for their creativity and variety of themes, venues, speakers and activities.

Some examples of our events include:
• A “green issues” candidate forum in 2009 for the City of Austin Elections.  10 out of 12 candidates participated, including all 4 mayoral candidates.
• A mini-trade show featuring a wide range of TGN members
• Panel discussions and speakers on Fair Trade, Transportation, Texas Environmental Politics and others
• Networking activities that bring participants together in a fun environment
• Open mikes where attendees can introduce their company, products and services

We also have an online member directory, green business newsletter, online member ads and online video interviews with our members.

Partnerships with other environmental organizations and other chambers-of-commerce is something that we see as important to our development and we have collaborated with a wide variety, including: Public Citizen, Sierra Club, P.O.D.E.R., NetImpact and many others. 

If you are or someone you know would be interested in exploring this role, please contact Reed Sternberg at reed <at>


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