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Pecan Street Project to Receive $350,000 from Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

(October, 25, 2010 – AUSTIN) The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF) today announced the results of a competition to fund replicable approaches for increasing the number and depth of energy efficiency retrofits in existing buildings in the U.S. Nine projects selected to receive grants totaling $2.7 million will address a range of barriers that prevent owners, property managers, lenders and investors from undertaking and financing retrofits in residential and commercial buildings.

Included is Austin’s Pecan Street Project, which will receive $350,000 over two years. With these funds, researchers from Pecan Street Project, The University of Texas and Environmental Defense Fund will conduct an in-depth study of the impacts of energy efficiency retrofits undertaken in response to Austin’s Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure (ECAD) ordinance. Austin Energy will also participate in this research.

At the conclusion of the funding period, Pecan Street Project will use the real world data gathered from this research to produce a report of recommendations to the Austin community, to Austin Energy and to the Central Texas building community on the most cost effective and environmentally impactful home improvements.

“We launched this competition to learn what kind of innovative ideas are being incubated across the country for programs and policies that can help spur energy efficiency retrofits. We were astonished by the positive response and are delighted with the results,” said Ed Henry, president of the foundation. “We hope the selected projects lead to models that can be adapted and used in communities nationwide.”

“Green building and energy efficiency need to be the foundation of a dynamic smart electric grid that advances environmental protection and creates greater value for customers,” said Pecan Street Project Inc. executive director Brewster McCracken. “We are excited to… READ MORE

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