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Calif. to Texas oil: Keep your hands off our clean energy!

This week oil companies in Texas learned that when it comes to clean energy, don’t mess with California.

A day after the San Francisco Giants beat the Texas Rangers in the World Series, California  voters showed up at polling places around the state and sent this message loud and clear: We’re not going to let some Texas Big Oil corporations come in and try to take away our green jobs and clean energy economy!

This week, Californians turned out to defeat California Ballot Proposition 23. And their rejection of this ugly petroleum-backed measure, which aimed to repeal California’s climate and clean energy law, was huge — the proposition was defeated 61.2 percent to 38.8 percent. The power of the people in this state, and the potential of a thriving clean-energy economy that will provide long-lasting jobs for the people of California, defeated the deep pockets and big money of dirty out-of-state polluters, who spent $10 million to try to unravel the state’s air pollution laws.

Meanwhile, Californians cast a second vote for their state’s clean energy economy and green jobs by electing a candidate for governor, Jerry Brown, who has… READ MORE.

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