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Breaking Ground on new Wind Turbine Nacelle Plant in Amarillo

5/27/10—A new assembly facility is under construction in Amarillo that will build the nacelles—the generator, gearbox, and control systems—for wind turbines. The 115,00 square foot Alstom plant will be operational in 2011. It will create 275 full-time engineering, production, and technical support jobs in Amarillo when it reaches full capacity.

Alstom Wind Vice President Alfonso Faubel said, “Amarillo is the ideal location for Alstom’s wind power manufacturing hub in North America because it is centrally located in an areas that is expected to create a substantial number of new wind power projects over the next several years.”

Fauble also remarked on Amarillo’s investment in the infrastructure needed to support the wind industry, including means to transport the sizeable equipment and a skilled workforce.

As the plant assembles the nacelles, they will be transported to sites anywhere in North America to be combined with the blades and tower to make a complete wind turbine.