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Austin Seeking Chief Sustainability Officer

3/3/10—The TGN Newsletter historically hasn’t posted job openings, but this one classifies as news as well as an available position. The City of Austin is conducting a nationwide search to find the perfect candidate for a new post, the Chief Sustainability Officer. This executive position will report to the City Manager’s office and will work closely with city departments in the development, coordination, and administration of sustainability policies and practices for the City of Austin.

This Chief Sustainability Officer will help establish a citywide sustainability program that includes assessing the impact of sustainability practices to the City and broad community at large, while balancing the City’s shared objectives for a healthy environment, an excellent quality of life, and continued economic vitality.

A full job description and application is available online. This, of course, coincides with the City’s nationwide search for a new General Manager at Austin Energy to replace Robert Duncan, who retired March 1.