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March 2009 (Austin): “Fair Trade at the State Capitol”

Austin — Texas Green Network March, 2010 Meeting at the State Capitol
“Fair Trade and the Green Business Connection”

Texas Congressman Elliott Naishtat welcomed the Texas Green Network to the State Capitol Building.  Our second event at the Capitol featured our open mike, green-scene networking and a panel discussion on the “Fair Trade-Green Business Connection” featuring:

René Geneva: René is founder and design entrepreneur of René Geneva Design . The company offers eco-chic, ready-to-wear apparel. From certified organic fabrics to fair trade labor, every aspect of the business is eco (and human) friendly. It is important to René to promote sustainability at every touch point beginning with the earth, throughout production, and delivery to the consumer.
Jennifer Lucas: Jennifer is founder of fair trade organization
Ethical City and representsTheo Chocolate , the only Organic, Fair Trade, Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Factory in the United States.
Aswini Sivaswamy: Aswini is founder of
SESA Teas, which supports a better living condition for workers on tea estates in India. Programs such as free housing and healthcare improve the livelihood and support the wellbeing of people who help produce SESA products.If you would like to be a sponsor of this event and have a table, contact Reed Sternberg @ reed<at>

Bob Cash: is the Liaison for the Texas Fair Trade Campaign, an affiliate of the Citizens Trade Campaign (  Bob Cash is state director of the Texas Fair Trade Coalition (TFTC, The TFTC is made up of over forty union, environmental, family farm, faith based, human rights, consumer, and community organizations. Our member organizations are united in a common fight against harmful trade agreements and for trade that is fair to workers, the environment, family farmers and public health. The Texas Fair Trade Coalition is an affiliate of the Citizens Trade Campaign.

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