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June 2011: Austin at Morsco Solar

For June 2011, Morsco Solar hosted and sponsored networking event with fabulous food and beverages. 

We focused on a new “Teams of 6” activity and followed up with our usual open mike.

About “Teams of 6”:  Many people find large networking events an opportunity to SEE lots of people but actually meet or get to know only a few or none.  “Teams of 6” seats you with 5 other people in an organized, intimate setting where you get a real opportunity to connect.  The activity may actually guide you through participation with more than one 6-person group.

Morsco Solar is a wholesale distributor of Solar Hot Water, Solar Electric, Electric Car Charging Stations, Rain Water Collection Systems, Engineered Pipe, Plumbing, Appliances, Waterworks, and Oil/Gas Equipment.  They currently install spray foam, high efficiency ac units, solar electric, solar hot water, and soon electric car charging stations.

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