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August 2011: San Antonio — Summer Celebration at The Cove

The Texas Green Network San Antonio Chapter enjoyed a “Summer Celebration” happy hour at The Cove for our August event.

The Cove is a wonderful example of how a part of the city can be refurbished into something much greater than its original part. Owned by Sam and LIsa Asvestas, their platform/motto Eat Well! Live Well is quite inspirational. At the meeting we learned about their vision and experience.  Sam is a handyman/builder extraordinaire who has monumentally changed how the looks of  The Cove stared and continues to grow and expand to accommodate the needs of the community. Lisa began studying Ayurveda in 2003, and as she changed her eating habits, getting rid of processed food and fake food, so too did The Cove, getting a healthy transformation in what it serves. Come sample their tasty fare, get some insight into what is possible when you think outside the box, and find out what community collaborations they have successfully implemented.