The First Green Chamber of Commerce in Texas — Creating a Voice for Sustainability for the Texas Green Business Community

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Since 2008, Texas Green Network has been building a key connecting point for emerging green and socially conscious business communities in Texas. Bringing together small business leaders, non-profit groups,environmental advocates and policy makers, TGN has established itself as a community builder and the first “green” business chamber of commerce in Texas.

A New Forum for Action

Today we bring together businesses and professionals to create a unified voice on important environmental issues. Unified, the environmentally conscious small business community is a potential powerhouse, largely untapped to date.

Membership in Texas Green Network is about leadership in the business community and being a part of an emerging business culture in America.  It is about making a statement that sustainability is a must, essential to the future of our planet, our communities and our economies.

You will also have the opportunity to speak out, anonymously or by name, on the environmental issues that are important to you. Through your questionnaire responses, you can voice your positions. Then you will have opportunities for deeper participation through our events, committees, newsletters and the relationships and alliances you develop through the network.

Along with adding your voice to our business community, Texas Green Network offers the following benefits as a thank you for your support.  We need and appreciate our supporters at all levels.

Benefits of Membership Grid

Our membership committee is intended to provide an objective eye on prospective members of the Texas Green Network and is there to help us avoid the pitfalls of green washing and misuse of the network.   But TGN is intended to be an inclusive organization with a goal of spreading sustainable practices.  It is not there only for the people approaching “the finish line”.    And where the business community is concerned, the finish line will be an ever-moving target.

The Texas Green Network in no way warrants the claims of our members and takes no responsibility for their actions but does reserve the right to revoke memberships with a full refund of dues for that year, if an objective TGN panel finds their practices to be contrary to a sustainable future.

Please find ways to reward our membership for their efforts and participation.  Do business with them if you can.  We are sure you will find them returning with the same passion for our common cause and for your business.  Participation in this network is not a badge.  It is all about what we do with the network for our future.


To Join Texas Green Network:
1. Download the Membership Kit PDF
2. Complete Page 2 and send kit along with your chosen payment method
3. To pay online, simply click the appropriate link below:

$150             Basic Member
$500             Supporting Member
$2,500         Stewardship Member
$10,000       Guardian Sponsor

We will send a follow up email to welcome you with easy instructions to complete your membership.

We look forward to meeting you and your business or organization and to welcoming you as a visible and vocal part of this crucial and growing business community. Join us now and be heard!


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