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Net Zero Energy Buildings: Emerging Trends

June 17 / 1:00-2:30pm / $72-$360
Web Conference

This 90-minute web presentation will cover the current state of net-zero building in the marketplace, as well as how we got to this point. Some of the topics covered will include what exactly net-zero means and how to determine if a building is actually achieving this; key design considerations and trade-offs considering cost, performance, and user behavior; emerging regulatory and business driver; lessons learned from fully operational buildings, and more.

The conference will be presented by Reuben Schwartz of AltaTerra Research and guest spearker David Kaneda, founder and president of Integrated Design Associates (IdeAs). Participants will have an opportunity to engage in an online Q&A at the conclusion of the presentation.

The web presentation is geared toward professionals in corporate sustainability, facilities design/engineering/construction, facilities management, green development, and solar/renewable energy systems.

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