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Net Impact Innovation Series: Good Fun! Kickoff

May 4 / 6-9pm / Free
Austin Public Library Cepeda Branch

This new series from Net Impact will aim to generate greater community participation in sustainable initiatives by—wait for it—making them fun! Perhaps an idea long overdue. This kickoff event will be a brainstorming session to generate ideas on how we can do that. Here’s a little inspiration.

In addition to making our communities better and healthier places to live, engaging citizens who thus far haven’t been caught by the green bug will help ramp up the adoption of the green business economy and green business practices. Something we can all get behind.

Net Impact Austin’s 2010 Innovation Series is a new take on opportunities to apply your professional skills to real world problems. The Good Fun! is a new initiative that will hopefully grow some serious legs. It all starts with this initial brainstorming session, so come on out and get involved.