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International Symposium on Renewable Feedstock for Biofuel and Bio-based Products

August 11-13 / $150-$475
University of Texas / Austin, TX

The Symposium is the third in a series to bring together researchers, producers, end users, business developers, investors, and policy makers from around the world to explore the values of non-food fiber crops in contributing a better environment and the bioeconomy.

The roles of fiber crops (kenaf, jute, hemp, flax, allied) are growing along side other bio-based products (switch grass, poplar, willow) as public’s attention and industry’s bottom line look more toward sustainability.
The CGC International symposium (co-organized by the UT School of Human Ecology) will cover the following, and more, topics and activities:

  • The latest applications of natural fibers in textile, paper and pulp, biofuel, bio-plastic, automobile, construction, packaging, animal feed and environmental cleaning, etc.
  • Developments of technologies for converting the plant fibers into value-added products.
  • Production and supply of feedstock for biofuels and bio-based products,
  • Supply chain and quality control of bast fiber feedstock
  • Exploring investment opportunities, international collaborations, and new project development
  • Promoting environmentally friendly products and policy and improve regional economy through poverty alleviation
  • Exhibits of products and services

Learn more and register for the symposium here.

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