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Greening the Company Website: A New Era in Sustainability Reporting

May 11 / noon-1pm / $144-$360

Online Webinar

This webinar will showcase how 60 companies recognized as leaders in corporate sustainability are using their websites to communicate their activities and engage stakeholders. Jaclyn Pitera of AltaTerra Research will lead the webinar and illuminate eight attributes that are most essential for online sustainability reporting.

The presentation will highlight what leading green companies are doing and what results they are seeing. Starbucks’ Shared Planet website will be examined as an excellent example, and Starbucks Director of Environmental Impact Jim Hanna will participate to share his point of view of the site’s success.

The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session with online participants. A PDF download of the entire presentation will be available to registrants after the webinar is over.

Online registration available here.

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