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Green Innovation: The Growing Role of Life Cycle Analysis in Shaping Product Strategy

July 15 / 1:00-2:30pm / $72-$144

As environmental concerns increase, companies are looking beyond their internal operations to improve the environmental profile of their products—from their origins in raw inputs through their lifetimes in use by customers. Nowhere is this more essential than for companies in the business of selling ‘green’ products. Understanding and mitigating life cycle impacts is critical for risk mitigation, and as an opportunity for competitive differentiation.

In this live webcast teleconference, two leading practitioners will present strategies and methods to trace a product’s environmental effects across its life cycle and how to use the resulting information to focus product development and marketing strategy. Specific life cycle assessment (LCA) examples will be drawn from the electronics, consumer products, and solar industries.

In this web conference, Corinne Reich-Weiser, PhD, will cover the fundamentals of LCA, touching on emerging standards in electronics and her outlook on the field for the future.

Focusing on LCA in the dynamic field of solar electric systems, Vasilis Fthenakis, PhD, will present the latest life cycle insights and modeling processes for solar electric products, including single-crystal silicon, multicrystalline silicon, ribbon silicon, and thin-film solar cells. Prof. Fthenakis leads the the U.S. Department of Energy and the International Energy Agency Life Cycle Analysis activities on solar photovoltaics (PV) and comparisons with other power generation technologies. His collaborators include most U.S. and European PV companies, as well as the European PV Industry Association. Don Bray, President of AltaTerra Research, will introduce the topic with background on commercial LCA practices and moderate the discussion.

Who Should Attend

  • Cleantech and clean energy professionals and consultants
  • Corporate affairs, environmental affairs regulatory and PR executives
  • Environmental organization directors and staff members
  • Environmental, Health and Safety (ESH) executives
  • Procurement and purchasing directors
  • R&D and technical executives
  • Sustainability and CSR executives

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