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Biodiesel & Algae Biofuel Feasibility Analysis & Industry Updates

August 25 / 11am-12:30pm / $35

Biodiesel and algae biofuels, while they remain on the outskirts of mainstream attention, are darlings to many engaged in the renewable energy fields. The budding industries raise the interest of many businesses that operate large fleets. This informative online webinar will provide in-depth analysis that will help you determine if biodiesel is a feasible fuel for your vehicles.

Presented by Green Energy Leaders at Challenge International, the presentation witll cover the pros and cons of each type of biodiesel feedstocks, issues you should consider before using them, analysis of algal biofuels, and much more. A case studey featuring a municipality’s adoption of biofuels, including the costs, will be presented.

By registering ($35 per online connection), you will be able to network and collaborate with both the presenters and other attendees.

Learn more and register for the Biodiesel and Algae Biofuel webinar here.