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Texas Green Network is Retooling and You Can Help

New Focus on Connecting Businesses & Professionals with Advocacy Opportunities

Over the past 5 ½ years, TGN has developed as a great connecting point for like-minded businesses. Our 75+ events has focused on many areas, including but not limited to political, policy and advocacy positions.

Other great organizations have come and go in recent years and there are groups currently doing a great job of bringing together the green business community. TGN is going to adjust our focus to add a new tool for environmental advocacy.

Since TGN’s inception, we have recognized a need for a conduit that truly links the “green” business community with policy, policy makers, advocacy organizations and politics in general. And, although TGN was formed as the first wholly “green” chamber of commerce in Texas, we have focused mostly on the networking component and community development.

That is changing. Texas Green Network has been on hiatus, retooling to become refocused as a connecting point for environmental advocates when needing to rally the green business community. This need is a gap that has still not been filled in all of our time watching the development of a movement.

Over the next few months, Texas Green Network will be sending out a series of surveys to get a solid picture of where our area business community stands on important issues that affect environmental policy, conservation, energy, sustainable business development, social justice and other important issues.

Survey respondents will then have the opportunity to join TGN, thereby pulling the trigger to allow Texas Green Network to represent their view on the issues they select to have their voice heard on.

The views of all survey participants will be anonymously published on our website ( Members will have the additional opportunity to have their voice heard on the issues they select through a variety of channels. We will work to make that voice heard by connecting our membership with the front-line environmental organizations, policy makers and advocates.

Our monthly events will be more focused on policy and engagement with government on issues at the city, county, state and national levels. Our meetings will still be a great opportunity for networking and community development but with topics and visitors more squarely aimed at connecting our business community on the hot environmental issues of our time.

This fall, we will be back with 3 events, to be announced soon. One meeting will be focused on local/city issues, one on county level politics and a third on “the state of the state”.

Meanwhile, we are working to collect and develop survey questions for our first wave of questionnaires. There are multiple ways to contribute.
You can email your ideas for survey questions to To do this, please include, complete questions, as close as possible to how you see them being phrased.

We will also have a planning on Thursday, August 29th to disucss survey question ideas and their introduction in the newly refocused Texas Green Network.