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Austin’s Bag Ordinance takes effect March 1. Do you have leftover bags that don’t meet the requirements?

AIBA is addressing the issue.

Several AIBA members have expressed a frustration with having bags in stock that do not meet the new requirements. Usually it’s too many to just throw away (and doesn’t that defeat the purpose of diminishing our landfill?).

AIBA would like to help you. We’re interested in putting you in touch with businesses outside of Austin who would love to buy your bags for a good deal.

Here’s how it will work
If you have new bags that you can’t use after March 1, just email us with the specs (size, material, quantity, cost, etc.), we’ll put the info up on and create a campaign that contacts businesses and associations nearby but outside of Austin. we’ll include your contact information so a prospective buyer can contact you. The rest is up to you!

Send your listing to Rebecca ( and we’ll get started.