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Green Business Networking w/Office of Sustainability, Eco Campaigns & More — Thursday, August 30th

Texas Green Network Green Business Networking This Thursday at House+Earth

w/City of Austin Office of Sustainability, Eco Campaigns & More

Thursday, August 30th   5:30pm-8:30pm

Hosted by House+Earth, 1214 W. 6th Street, Austin, TX 78703

Sponsored by: Texas Sake, SESA TeasHouse+Earth

FREE ADMISSION — Please send your rsvp to

Join the Texas Green Network, Office of Sustainability, Eco Campaigns, Sustainable Christmas Expo and House+Earth for green business networking this Thursday, August 30th.   If you have been thinking of joining the new Green Business Leaders Program with the city, this is a great chance to meet representatives from the Office of Sustainability and businesses already participating in the program.

Brandi Clark Burton will introduce Eco Campaigns,a new program she is helping launch.

Serial ecopreneur Brandi Clark Burton is at it again and will be sharing the latest project she is helping launch at House & Earth this week, a team leadership initiative called Eco Campaigns. The idea, that several people independently came up with, is to distill the overwhelming topic of sustainability into a series of single issue campaigns and “games”. Each topic will be targeted for an estimated 6 months during which time they team will put focused attention to address policies that need to be introduced or changed, practices that need to be adopted or shifted, and a massively engaging, inescapable awareness-raising campaign such that if you live in the Austin area you WILL hear about this issue and what needs to be done.

The first topic the group is tackling is food waste and food recovery.  Brandi will also talk a bit about these food issues and share what the campaign has planned so far. Brandi and her colleagues are still building the team and welcome PR/media/social media firms and individuals who want to play a huge game to shift the trajectory of history and impact the future of life on our planet.  Contact if you want to contribute your time, talent or treasure to this initiative.  

Brad Love will introduce the upcoming Sustainable Christmas Expo with performances of The Symphony Awakening Rock Opera and in conjunction with The Armadillo Christmas Bazaar.

All of the above have ways for you to get involved!

Enjoy snacks, beer, wine and other beverages with green leaders from innovative businesses, local government and the environmental community.  If you are a TGN member and have an announcement, join us at the microphone too.

Texas Sake is the only organic-alcohol producer in the entire state, and an Austin-city certified Platinum Green Business.

SESA is thinking more than tea. Sesa is committed to creating a balance beyond the individual. Sesa supports a better living condition for workers on tea estates in India. Programs such as free housing and health care improve the livelihood and support the well being of people who help produce Sesa products.

House+Earth is proud to supply the most extensive selection of truly green building materials and healthy home products in Texas.