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Neighbors want recycling plant demolition halted

Report: ASARCO/Encycle plant scene of multiple, unreported violations
Encycle plant set for demolition
By Rick Spruill

CORPUS CHRISTI — An insider’s take on the operations of the now defunct ASARCO/Encycle plant on Up River Road has nearby residents questioning demolition plans.

The 1994 report, written by a former Encycle Texas Inc. employee, recently was made public on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website.

The report alleges the company operated outside its environmental permits and committed several workplace safety violations related to hazardous waste storage during five years, beginning in 1989.

The plant has been vacant since 2005 and is slated for demolition soon. Residents of nearby neighborhood Dona Park say the report raises the possibility of unknown chemicals at the site. They want the demolition canceled or at least postponed until more environmental testing can be done… READ MORE.