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February 2010: Interactive Showcase of TGN at Austin Energy

For thost that had not been to a Texas Green Network event before, this was the perfect chance to check out what is going on with us recently.  Austin Energy hosted our interactive showcase on Texas Green Network features and functions.  This was a chance to get the lowdown on what we are doing, meet the whole team and give us your feedback on the value and positioning of our modern green chamber-of-commerce.


A series of stations were set up around the hall for interactive participation. 



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VIDEO PODS—TGN introduced our member video pods that will spotlight innovative TGN member companies and will be viewable at our website and other online venues.  Our talk show format was live, as Reed Sternberg interviews TGN members for our first wave of “green business video spotlights”.


SOCIAL MEDIACarolyn Cummins talked about what TGN is doing in the social media world.  Live workstations will be set up for linking to Texas Green Network, with real time suggestions on how to best set up your business presence and link to TGN online.


TEAMS OF 6 NETWORKING—Sign up to participate in one of our teams-of-6 networking groups that will be going on throughout the evening.  Chris Carter lead this popular TGN function, which provides participants a fun way to really connect with 5 new business associates. 

NEWSLETTERDante Dominick, our newsletter editor, talked about the present and future of our Green Business Newsletter.  He was accepting and discussing stories for the newsletter so bring your company story for an upcoming issue.


OPEN MIKEPaul Severin hosted the return of our open mike.  Sign up for an introduction at the microphone so that interested attendees can find you and connect right away.

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Texas Green Network Board Alumni Andee Chamberlain and Paul Severin.