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October 2009: Joint Fall Event

Our joint event with Austin EcoNetwork and Eco Series in October was a great time with upwards of 175 in attendance.  Not a traditional TGN event but a nice party and a chance for some new people to learn about the kindred organizations.  

Green Fern Events provided some post-event analysis:  We had less than 2 full bags of trash with all recyclables going to Ecology Action.  We recycled 50 pounds of glass. This converts to saving 1.05 kilowatt hours and 2 cubic yards of landfill space. This is not a lot which means everyone did a good job of reducing waste upfront making for a truly environmentally sustainable affair.Thank you to Green Fern Events, Spoon and Co./dishalicious, SESA Teas, Greater Texas Water Co., Fifth Nation, Live Oak Brewery and Maine Root  for contributing to a successful and enjoyable event.