The First Green Chamber of Commerce in Texas — Creating a Voice for Sustainability for the Texas Green Business Community

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About Us

Some TGN Tidbits

The Texas Green Network is no longer active but was originally founded as the first Green Business Chamber of Commerce in Texas, a unique hybrid that combines an environmental organization and a modern Chamber of Commerce.  Founded in January, 2008, TGN provided a diverse connecting point for a wide variety of businesses, environmental organizations, government programs and individuals. We also have a long history of fun, educational and well-attended green events.

Our Mission:
• To Support Responsible Growth and Development of the Green Business Sector
• To Foster Collaboration Between the Texas Business and Environmental Communities
• To Accelerate the Adoption of Sustainable Practices in the Texas Business Community

About the Texas Green Network

The Texas Green Network was the first sustainable business chamber-of-commerce in Texas.  We were a community of Texas businesses, organizations and individuals committed to accelerating the adoption of sustainable best practices in the way we do business.  Seeking to influence many aspects of the environmental impact of business, TGN provides a broad forum for networking, promotion and collaboration, including our monthly meetings, website and online member directory, newsletter, forums and other developing channels.


Visitors checked out a wide variety of Texas Green Network members at our January, 2010 trade show.



The Texas Green Network was, for a few years, a non-profit, 501(c)6.  During several years of TGN’s history, we were a membership-based organization but did not actively pursue membership for much of the organization history.